Find the Right Accountant

Your accountant should be an indispensable member of your management team. A good accountant directly impacts the success of your business. How do you choose the right accountant for your business? Here are some things to consider:

Experience. Ideally the accountant you choose will specialize in small business issues. Experience in your industry is always a plus. It might be a requirement if you work in an industry with unique reporting needs.

CPA or non-CPA. Many people are confused to the difference between an accountant and a CPA. A CPA, or certified public accountant, has achieved a minimum level of education and experience and passed a competency test. The only function that most business encounter that requires a CPA is an audit. Other functions like tax preparation and bookkeeping can be done by a general accountant.

Work Required. What work do you want done? Is it simply preparing your business tax returns or would you like help with your financial planning? You might also want to have your books audited for accuracy. Choose an accountant that can handle your volume of work.

Comfort Factor. Make sure that you are comfortable with the accountant you will be working with directly. You will need to trust them with you intimate financial information.

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Choose the Right Accountant

Choosing the right accountant can be the most important decision a small business can make. In the end, a good accountant is not just a bean counter but a valuable financial consultant can help you maximize your revenues and minimize expenses by uncovering key success factors in your business.

Your accountant gains detailed knowledge of your business and its operations. Over time accountant can quickly audit your business and provide you with the required reporting. It is this familiarity that makes changing accountants very painful. This causes many businesses with mediocre accountants to keep with them year after year instead of finding a better accountant.

Knowing the pain involved with changing accountants, it is surprising how many people don’t spend the effort to find the right accountant. People know little about accounting and think one is like another. But the reality is that not all accountants are created equal.

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