Thomas White International

Thomas White International Ltd. is a research-driven investment manager and independent research provider that seek to deliver superior performance by searching for undervalued stocks in some fifty markets around the world.

The Funds are managed by Thomas White International, Ltd., with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Bangalore, India. Founded in 1992 by former Morgan Stanley Asset Management managing director, Thomas S. White Jr., the firm is a research-driven investment manager and independent research provider. It seeks to deliver superior performance by identifying undervalued securities in the U.S. and nearly 50 other markets around the globe.

The organization’s investment decisions rely solely on proprietary analysis using industry-based stock selection methods that have been carefully refined and tested over several decades. Thomas White’s unique analytical approach limits overall portfolio volatility and downside risk while delivering strong long-term investment returns.

Financial Planning Software

ExecPlan Express is fully integrated financial planning software for the financial and tax planning of individuals. It enables you to create comprehensive financial plans, analyze alternatives and project a financial profile over its life span in any level of detail you desire. In no time the ExecPlan Express program can become one of your most widely used software tool from data collection to its analysis and the final reports.

ExecPlan Express is based on the flagship product, ExecPlan, a leading software system used for high-end clients in the financial planning industry for over 25 years. This financial planning & retirement planning software is simple and intuitive in its design making it easy to learn and easy to use.