Making Money Explained

In practice this is about finding ways to earn extra money or quick ways to raise some cash. This is supported by the articles offered when you do a search on this or related search phrases.

But what about how in terms of the mechanics? How does this really work as a process, as a means to obtain money? The term implies production of money or generating money in volume not a bit here or there by doing quick jobs.

Typical Thinking On Making Money

Searches on Google will result in ideas on what to do by way of providing a service or item in exchange for money.

What really stood out to my analytical gaze was all of these things involved what amounts to doing some type of work or job.

That is where I differ when I describe this process. Yes, it involves the exchange of money but not so much from doing a job. There are fundamental problems with jobs which actually involve earning money instead.

Jobs Limit Earning Potential

In the process of my research and analysis of why it is difficult to get ahead, I found that the problem was in jobs.

There is a lot of important information I can share about jobs, productivity, salary ranges, earning potential and so on, but for now just think about this one aspect: earning potential.

Any job limits earning potential to the wage salary range of that job.

One serious drawback of this is that no matter how productive you may be you cannot earn more than the fixed wage rate. Put another way, even if you manage to do three times the work typically done in an hour, you only earn the hourly wage.

That means that while you are super productive in your output you don’t get rewarded unless of course you have made an agreement with your employer to be paid for higher productivity. It is not something often done and it is an important aspect of employment that I found in my research.

To Truly Make Money There Are No Limits

Let’s return to the idea of generating money in volume instead of doing a job here and there for a limited sum of money.

If you are confined like a caged animal between wage salary ranges then you really are limited in how much money you can make.

Let me make this point as a challenge to the notion of making money in a job.

If you actually could ‘make money’ in a job then why doesn’t everyone just work and make enough money so they don’t have any more money shortage problems?

The truth is you can’t. You can never earn more than your salary range! That’s why you need to learn how to do this to afford what you want.

Personal Finance Budgeting

Money management or personal finance budgeting should be a very important element of everyone’s lifestyle. But unfortunately because of ignorance or laziness many are not serious about it. The key to mastering your finances is simple – become a wise spender, and personal finance budgeting helps you precisely with this. To plan your budget:

1. First calculate your total monthly income from all sources.
2. Figure out your major expenses for the month and then categorize them.
3. At the start of the month estimate and write down the monthly expenses for each item.
4. Note down your daily expenses in a sheet.
5. At the end of the month, calculate your total expense for each item.
6. Now you can easily find out, on which item your expenses are up to your budget or on which it has crossed your initial estimate. This will help you to cut down expenses for each item to keep your finance within your budget.

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