Accounting Software Vs. Manual Accounting

Any type of business cannot survive without an efficient system of managing finances. The business accounting model that the business owner chooses sets the foundation for effective or ineffective management of finances.

There are different models for business accounting. Each one has its own pros and cons. In fact, the success is when one is able to find a model that is well suited to the business needs. When divided into broad categories, there are two types of business accounting. The first one is the good old manual accounting and the second one is the computerized accounting.

In the manual accounting, both the records are maintained and the calculations are done manually; whereas, in the computerized accounting, as the name suggests, some particular accounting software takes care of all the matters of business accounting.

The small-scale businesses having 2 to 5 employs usually rely on the manual accounting. However, as the business expands and the head count increases, it is very hard to keep the track of financial matters manually. This is the time when the accounting software is required.

For the business accounting, having the software offers many significant advantages. For example, the software is able to manage a large head count from different departments. The software is quick and reliable as compared to the manual accounting. It also provides an easy solution to storage of all the finance related records.