Personal Finance – An Integral Part Of Our Lives

I personally believe an understanding of Personal Finance should be a more integral part of our lives. However, it can intimidate us. I see it for myself every day when reading financial news and trying to figure what is the best personal finance product for my own needs. All forms of educated people, intelligent individuals from all walks of life in professional occupations are often the authors of these complaints. They have managed to come to grips with law, the working of the medical professions or indeed the law of the land but when it comes to tackling the policy documents of a mortgage protection insurance plan, they tend to be totally bewildered.

I am not surprised. For far too many years the financial service industry has smothered itself in complete jargon, essentially to bewilder the consumer and conceal poor value for money . Successive UK governments have not helped, making some areas of personal finance such as pension or tax related issues impenetrable to understand, to some of the finest brains in Britain. Indeed, on such occasion they have been instrumental in causing some of the biggest problems to impact up personal finance world.