Tax Preparation Help-Tax Return Preparer? Buyer Beware

For those who have decided to pay an individual or service to do their taxes they should choose a tax return preparer wisely. If you decide to utilize a paid tax preparer, it is vital that you seek and employ a tax professional that is qualified. No matter who prepares your taxes you the taxpayer will be held responsible for any and all information filed on your tax return, regardless of who you chose for tax preparation help.

To help prevent you from incurring financial penalties from the Internal Revenue Service which may include additional taxes or interest a complete accounting of your finances will be asked for. In order to verify which exemptions, deductions, expenses and other items fit your situation you should be asked relevant questions by the preparer. A good tax preparer is also going to want you to produce receipts and records in an effort to minimize winding up in a dispute with the IRS later

Finding good tax preparation help should not become a chore nor should it be taken lightly, tax preparers are everywhere. However, you should take some steps to ensure that the person you choose to do your taxes is honest and professional and can fulfill your individual or business tax preparation requirements..

First make sure you know exactly how much the tax preparation help will cost. Is it a flat fee or based on a percentage of your tax return? Ask.

A little research will go a long way in choosing a tax return preparer. So do yours by checking the preparers credentials and if they are up to date. You want to find out if the preparer is a member of a professional association that has a code of ethics and where continuing education is mandatory. The Better Business Bureau is another good place to find information. You can also check state and local boards for CPA’s and bar associations for attorneys.

Make sure that the tax return preparers qualifications and expertise meet your needs. Keep in mind if an action before the Internal Revenue Service is necessary you can be represented only by enrolled agents, CPA’s or tax attorneys in all actions including collections, appeals and audits. A taxpayer can be represented by all other tax return preparers only if you are audited and they signed your return as the preparer.

Get references from previous clients of the preparer and don’t be afraid to ask questions, after all you will be trusting this individual with vital information. Make sure they have delivered satisfactory service to their clients. It is a good idea to choose someone who will be accessible after your tax return is filed and can respond to your individual needs.

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Most importantly if a tax preparer is selling you tax preparation services by promising that the tax refund you will receive from their service will be substantially bigger than what competitors can provide, run do not walk from them. You just want to get your taxes filed honestly and competently, not become involved in a scheme or tax fraud that could result in dire consequences with the IRS in the future.

Following these steps should help you locate the best tax preparation help to fit your needs. Preventing future contacts with the IRS is worth choosing a tax return preparer wisely.

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