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CDR Financial Services, LLC
Provides revenue recovery and accounts receivable management services to the medical and retail sectors.
Central Credit Audit, Inc.
Offers comprehensive receivables management, based in Sunbury, PA.
CFE Cashflow Control
UK firm specialized in collecting overdue accounts using a non-confrontational process to ensure continued customer relationships.
Charter Mercantile Agency
Offers a suite of debt recovery solutions in consumer and commercial environments. Based in Australia with offices in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
CMRE Financial Services, Inc.
A diversified accounts receivable management company.
Collectal Associates
Serving all types of business and professions, in San Jose, CA.
Collection House Limited
Australian firm provides solutions including debt collection, debtor ledger acquisition, receivables management, credit publications, commercial credit reporting and a tenancy database.
Collection Services, Inc.
Provides check recovery and consumer and commercial debt consollections.
Commercial Collection Corporation
A full service accounts receivable solution provider based in Buffalo, NY. Accepts account placements and payments online.
Commercial Credit Services Group
UK based firm offers debt collection services.
Communication Business Consulting, Ltd.
Hong Kong firm offers collection services, receivables management and credit administration.
Offers a full complement of collection services tailored to the needs of each client.
Commercial and consumer collection agency based in Finland. Site is available in several languages.
Corporate Financial Group
Allows clients to track their accounts via the Internet.
Credit Bureau Services Association
Customized solutions to your credit and collections needs.
Credit Bureau Services, Inc.
Fremont, NB firm serves the credit community in the areas of accounts receivable management, credit reporting and collections.
Credit Collections (UK), Ltd.
UK based commercial debt recovery agency.
Credit Debt & Legal, Ltd.
Offers debt collection services in the UK and abroad.
Credit Investigation Services
Specializes in large debt collection. Based in Scotland.
Credit Limits, Ltd.
Collects commercial debt in UK, France, Europe and globally.

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