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National Notebuyers
Massachusetts firm purchases mortgages and trust deeds nationwide.
Northeastern Capital Resources, Inc.
Nationwide buyer of privately held carryback mortgages.
Notable Mortgage Buyers, Inc.
Purchases privately held mortgages and notes.
Note Buyer Direct Connect
Database for sellers to find buyers for mortgages and other cash flows.
Buys private mortgage notes. Site includes articles and a forum for questions and discussion.
Olympic Mortgage Exchange, Inc.
Buyers of real estate receivables and seller financing instruments throughout the USA.
Buyers of privately held real estate promissory notes, business notes, annuities, land contracts and more.
Panther Investments, Inc.
Invests in many types of real estate notes, structured settlements, seller carryback financing, and other future incomes.
PCF Investment Group, Inc.
Nationwide buyer of real estate related notes and mortgages.
Pinnacle Note and Mortgage
Principal buyer of notes, mortgages, and deeds of trust.
R.G. Coulter & Associates
Buyers of real estate notes, contracts, and mortgages nationwide.
RAM Funding Service Corporation
Buys seller-held mortgages, trust deeds, and land contracts throughout the USA. A licensed brokerage in Florida.
Reliant Financial, Inc.
irect buyer of residential and commercial real estate and cash flow notes. Located in Texas; purchases notes nationwide.
Riverside Bank
Arkansas bank specializes in mortgage lending, and buys private seller-financed mortgage loans nationwide.
Star Note Buyers, USA
National buyers of real estate notes, mortgages, land contracts, and deed of trusts.
Steinberg Capital
Purchases real estate notes and trust deeds. Principal is also a mortgage broker.
TCA Funding
Buys residential and commercial real estate notes.
The Boston Note Company
Purchases mortgage notes nationwide.
Purchases private mortgage notes.
Weststar Loan Servicing Corporation
Provider of seller financing, loan servicing, rental collection, and loan servicing software. Also buys real estate notes and loan portfolios.

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