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AbleSys Corporation
Creators of ASCTrend trading software. A universal indicator package which works well for any markets and any time bars.
AIQ Trading Expert for Windows
Artificial intelligence-based stock market charting and analysis software. Decision support software available to individual and professional investors.
Ashkon Technology LLC
Develops custom desktop applications for investments and finance industry targeting Windows OS and using the latest development tools available.
BioComp Systems, Inc
Offers BioComp Profit, neural network based market timing software which optimizes its models based on profitiability.
Bryce Gilmore's WaveTrader
Bryce Gilmore, author of the Geometry of Markets books, has created WaveTrader Software to apply the techniques of WD Gann and RN Elliott on any freely traded market.
A trading and investment tool discount on-line store dedicated to providing technical analysis and signal software to market commentary and analysis.
Powerful reasonably priced FOREX Trading/Dealing software.
Fibonacci Solution
Software for Fibonacci and Elliott Wave trading and technical analysis of commodities.
Fractal Finance
Take control of the chaos in your trades. Fractal Finance allows anyone to forecast the market using fractals and Chaos theory.
Fund Manager
Award winning portfolio management software for the individual investor. Fund Manager is distributed as shareware.
Customizable software solutions for hedge funds. Back-office & Front-office.
Indigo Investment Systems
While the battle for the best charting and technical analysis software goes company...Indigo, stands out as the research leader.
A Complete Trading System. Don`t Spend Thousands on Overpriced systems before you check this out.
Master Investor
Portfolio management and technical analysis.
NeuroShell Trader
Neural network trading software for anyone trading stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, currencies, derivitave, etc. This financial modeling software works the way traders think and work.
New 2004 Software
New 2004 Software, Free download/CD available.
New Millennium Trading
Computerized Day Trading System. 2MinuteTrader predicts daily buy and sell prices for S&P Futures.
Option++ Internet Freeware
Main features are: Option valuation - Option matrix - Position chart - Position management - Strategies search engine - Option tutorial - Direct internet links.
Position Cost Averaging Stock
The PCA system is a risk-management tool that captures market volatility and uses it to the investors advantage.
ProChart provides an affordable option to track your stocks and commodities-all our information is adjusted and manged aotuomatically with ProChart.

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