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CK Locke and Partners
CKL offer futures and stock broking services in options, futures, shares, ipo's and managed funds. CKL also provide FREE products in share prices, charting, historical data, research and paper trading.
Alamo Capital
The professionals at Alamo are experienced in the securities industry, specializing in fixed income and equity products.
Amateur Invest
You can also find information about money, stocks, shares, investments, portfolio management, personal finance, stock quotes, software, an investment school and much more!
Atlantic Trading Partners, Inc.
A registered broker/dealer and a member of the NASD and SIPC. It is a fixed income trading organization providing liquidity to primary and regional broker/dealers in oddlot taxable debt instruments
Australian Stock Market Resources
Quotes, Charts, News, Analyses, Economic Data and more from Site-By-Site.
Bond Express
The single source access to bond market investments for broker/dealers and approved institutional investors. Consolidates current market offerings and prices of several hundred securities dealers into one database which can be searched to uncover the best investment values available.
Bond Week
The newsweekly of fixed income and credit markets provides coverage of asset-backed securities, treasury and agency bonds as well as high-yield and investment grade corporates.
Bonds Online
Continuous online coverage of U.S. municipal and U.S. fixed income markets. The only place to get it - on or off the web. End-of-day synopses of the world's breaking financial stories. Americas, Europe, Asia.
Tax free bonds online with NASD?SIPC member firm. Never overpay for bonds again with BondShopper.
BondTrac (software)
Bondtrac meets the challenge of today's highly competitive business climate by providing comprehensive and reliable information on the municipal bond, corporate bond, government bond, and government agency bond markets.
BradyNet Inc
Your Source for emerging markets bond information through the Internet.
Stone & Youngberg was founded in San Francisco in 1931 and is a fixed income specialist underwriting the greatest number of new issue municipals on the West Coast.
C.W. Henderson & Associates, Inc.
A professional investment counseling firm specializing in tax-exempt municipal securities. Offering a wide range of value-added services for both individuals and institutions seeking to achieve the greatest performance from their investment in municipal securities.
Capital Data
Up-to-date information on the international capital markets. League tables showing the top banks in the bond, equity and syndicated loan markets can be delivered straight to your mailbox, and our daily New Bond Issues Summary gives an overview of primary bond market activity.
From Standard & Poors. The CUSIP Service Bureau, operated by Standard & Poor's for the American Bankers Association, exists for the primary purpose of uniquely identifying issuers and issues of securities and financial instruments within a standard nine-character framework, and disseminating this data to the financial marketplace.
The web's first and biggest stock research site!
Direct Access Notes
Direct Access Notes (or DANs) are a straight forward fixed-income security specifically designed to allow the investing public to purchase original issue corporate bonds directly from major US corporations.
Duff & Phelps Fitch IBCA
To meet the needs of a fast-changing marketplace, DCR provides ratings and research on on a real-time basis via such electronic services as Bloomberg and through an array of printed products.
E-Bond Ltd.
Canada's premiere online fixed income dealer. Live, two-sided markets in governments, corporates, and strips. Online. Right now.
An organization created to provide documents, news, developments and financial information about the municipal bond market. New information, updates and 3rd-party vendors will be added on a continuing basis.

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